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Model Description

Mini-bakery “Multipekar” REDMOND RMB-618/3 is a compact device for quick and easy preparation of sweet and hearty pastries and delicious grilled dishes. Model RMB-618/3 is equipped with 3 sets of panels *, by changing which you can use the Multi-baker as a waffle maker, sandwich maker and pressure grill.

The Multibaker device and molds are quite compact, their total weight does not exceed 2.5 kg. The size of one panel is 250x132x9 mm. You can take the device to the dacha to cook your favorite pastries and other dishes even outside the home.

Replaceable panels
The set of RAMB-19 panels is designed for baking thin waffles that can be rolled into tubes and filled with custard, whipped cream, boiled condensed milk or any other filling.

Install RAMB-01 Panels for delicious hot sandwiches. With their help, you can easily make baked sandwiches with chicken and mushrooms, cheese and ham, tomatoes and mozzarella. These sandwiches are perfect for a nutritious breakfast or party snack.

Using RAMB-03 panels, you can prepare a variety of delicious and satisfying dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner! With this set of molds, you can bake vegetables, grilled chicken and fish, bake pies or reheat bread for your morning toast.

Excess oil and fat during cooking drain into a removable tray at the bottom of the appliance, so all dishes in the Multi-baker are more dietary and healthy.

Updated body
To ensure that every dish of yours is baked evenly, REDMOND specialists have equipped the Multi-baker with a two-level lock. Press the molds tighter to bake cookies and thin waffles, or increase the distance between the panels for fish or chicken. A batch of baked goods, hot snack or fried food will be ready in 5-15 minutes **.

In addition, a power switch was added to the body of the device. When you have finished cooking, you can easily turn off the Multi-Baker by pressing the button.

Non-stick coating
All panels are non-stick coated. Thanks to this, baked goods will not stick to the working surface of the appliance, and meat, bread and vegetables will not burn, even if you do not lubricate the molds with oil.

More than 40 types of panels
Mini-bakery “Multipekar” is a device with the possibility of development without restrictions. At the moment, the REDMOND assortment includes more than 40 types of panels. You can add new molds to your appliance and use the Multi-baker for baking curly cookies, Viennese waffles, omelets, donuts, sausages in batter and many more.

Book of recipes
The RMB-618/3 comes with a cookbook, which contains recipes for healthy and sweet pastries, snacks and hot dishes. The book is compiled by professional chefs and contains detailed instructions for cooking. By following the recipe, you can easily make chicken chops, Dutch waffles or Nuts biscuits, even if this is your first time cooking.

REDMOND – healthy baked goods for you and your children every day!

* Panels not included are sold separately.

** The cooking period for successive portions of baking may differ due to the operation of the relay controlling the electrical connection in the temperature range established by the standard.

Additional information

Control type


Support on operating systems


700 W


220-240 V, 50 Hz

Body material


Protection against electric shock

class I

Power cord length

0.8 m


260 × 150 × 310 mm

Net weight

1.99 kg ± 3%




12 months





the black

Overheat protection


Ready-to-work indicator

there is

Heating indicator

there is

Removable oil / fat collection tray

there is

Power indicator

there is



Number of sets of removable panels


Removable panels material


Covering removable panels


Panels included

Panel "Thin waffles" for the REDMOND multibaker (mold for wafer rolls) RAMB-19



The size of one panel

250 × 132 × 9 mm

Power switch