Multibaker REDMOND RMB-M6012 Limited Edition


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Model Description

Multi-baker REDMOND RMB-M6012 Limited Edition is a multifunctional device with which you can cook various pastries and some fried foods. The body of the device is made of heat-resistant scarlet bakelite with a metal insert on the lid. Model M6012 will become not just one element, but a stylish accent of your kitchen interior.

Mini bakery
The device “Multipekar” M6012 includes 3 pairs of removable panels: RAMB-01 (Sandwich), RAMB-02 (Vienna waffles) and RAMB-03 (Grill). With one device, you can cook both sweet pastries and hearty second courses: various hot sandwiches and vegetables, fish or grilled meat. A portion of a hot dish, pastry or snack with Multi-baker will be ready in just 5-15 minutes – this is achieved by simultaneous cooking between two hot plates **.

For the 6th series of Multi-Baker devices, which includes the RMB-M6012, more than 40 interchangeable panels * have been developed. They can be used to cook both traditional pastries: nuts with boiled condensed milk on the RAMB-18 panel (Nuts) or donuts on RAMB-05 (Donuts), as well as the original Spanish churros on the RAMB-22 panel (Churros) or oriental kurabi on RAMB- 31 (Kurabye).

Recipes for every taste
Recipes adapted by REDMOND chefs especially for the M6012 can be found in the colorful cookbook and in the Cooking with REDMOND mobile app. In the app, you can sort recipes by name, calorie content, ingredients and cooking time. And also add recipes to “Favorite” and share them with friends in social networks and instant messengers.

New body design
The new two-level lock of the M6012 model allows you to adjust the distance between the panels: for delicate baked goods you can close the molds tightly, for fish steak or open pie with filling you can open the lid a little.

Another innovation is a tray for collecting excess liquid, into which fat melted from the fish or juice from the fruit filling is gently drained, due to which you get crispy dishes with a golden crust.

No more pulling out of the socket and looking for a place for the cord – at the end of cooking, the device turns off with one touch, since a power cut-off button appeared on the “Multipekar” device case.

REDMOND – build your own mini-bakery!

* Panels not included are sold separately.

** The cooking period for successive portions of baking may differ due to the operation of the relay controlling the electrical connection in the temperature range established by the standard.

Additional information

Control type


Support on operating systems


700 W


220-240 V, 50 Hz

Body material


Protection against electric shock

class I

Power cord length

0.8 m


235 × 245 × 85 mm

Net weight

1.5 kg ± 3%




12 months






Overheat protection


Ready-to-work indicator

there is

Heating indicator

there is

Removable oil / fat collection tray

there is

Power indicator

there is



Number of sets of removable panels


Removable panels material


Covering removable panels


Panels included

Panel "Sandwich" for the REDMOND multi-baker (mold for hot sandwiches) RAMB-01



The size of one panel

250 × 132 × 9 mm

Power switch