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Model Description

Smart device “Multi-baker” REDMOND SkyBaker RMB-M657 / 1S – a universal device for baking and frying in 1 click from a smartphone! Making a variety of baked goods, diet treats and grilled dishes is now fun and easy.

Remote control

It is very easy to control cooking in the Smart Multi-Baker from your smartphone. Go to the Ready for Sky app and start preparing a hot meal or baking your favorite treats through the in-app recipe book. You can calmly go about your business and not be distracted by checking the readiness of the dish. The smart device “Multi-baker” will prepare everything and immediately notify you about it via your smartphone.

For every taste

The possibilities of the M657 / 1S are virtually endless. In the Smart device “Multibaker” you can bake Viennese, Hong Kong, Dutch waffles and waffles for tubes, make donuts and pretzels, gingerbread and figured cookies of various shapes. He also prepares omelets, pizza, sandwiches, pies, baked sausages, pasties and grilled dishes. Just change the panels, add the ingredients and the Smart Multi-Baker will do everything by itself! The size of one panel is 250x132x9 mm.

Healthy eating

The M657 / 1S set includes RAMB-03 grill panels. But you can easily expand the capabilities of your Multi-Baker smart device by adding new forms to it. There are more than 40 sets of panels to choose from – these are the same sets that were developed for the Multi-Baker Series 6. All panels are equipped with a non-stick coating, you can bake and fry on it with virtually no oil. In addition, the RMB-M657 / 1S case has a special tray, into which all excess fat is drained during baking and frying. Thanks to this, the dishes will be as dietary as possible.

Built-in recipe book

A recipe book is built into the application for the Multi-Baker Smart Appliance. It provides for filtering recipes by panels and ingredients used. You can easily find what you need! Each recipe indicates the calorie content of the dish and provides a detailed procedure for preparing products. In the book, you can take notes and transfer your favorite recipes to Favorites.

Heating function

Turn on the heating function via the Ready for Sky app, and the Smart Multi-Baker keeps the prepared dish warm for 3 hours. Leave pies, pasties, omelets, and sandwiches on the warmer – and when you sit down, serve hot meals to the table.

Reheating dishes

Did the baked goods cool down, or did you take a chilled dish out of the refrigerator? Place buns, donuts, pizza, pie with a filling, pasties or casserole that require reheating on the panel of the Multi-Baker Smart Device and start the heating mode from your smartphone.

Delayed start

Specify any delayed start time via the app and put the ingredients on the panel in advance – the Smart Multi-Baker RMB-M657 / 1S will prepare sandwiches, hot snacks or grilled dishes at the time you need *.

Everything for your comfort

The Smart device “Multibaker” has a double lock: you can adjust the pressing of the panels depending on the shape and thickness of the baking. Tall sandwiches and pies, thin waffles and biscuits – everything is baked perfectly!

Easy care

Excess fat or juice, which may accumulate on the panels when grilling dishes, cutlets or some snacks, will drain into a special removable tray. After cooking, the pan can be rinsed with water and ordinary detergent. The molds themselves can be cleaned in the same way.

Convenient shutdown

The M657 / 1S has been redesigned with a power switch on the body. To completely de-energize the heating elements, you no longer need to remove the plug from the socket!

Compact storage

The smart device “Multi-baker” can be stored in an upright position. For this, special legs are provided behind the device. When installed vertically, the RMB-M657 / 1S takes up minimal kitchen space.

Smart device “Multibaker” SkyBaker will do everything by itself!

* At delayed start, try to use drier ingredients that don’t juice.

** With connected R4S Gateway app on home Android smartphone / tablet.

*** Please note that the device works through the Ready for Sky application and is not compatible with devices of the Sky Guard line – RSP-102S-E Wi-Fi socket, RG-G31S reed sensor, RG-D31S motion sensor, RSP-R1S sockets and RSP-R2S, smoke detector RSD-01S.

Remote control from anywhere in the world is possible through the REDMOND SkyCenter 11S Smart Home Center

Additional information

Control type


Control application

Ready for Sky

Data transmission standard

Bluetooth v4.0

Support on operating systems

iOS 9.0. and higher


700 W


220-240 V, 50 Hz

Body material


Protection against electric shock

class I

Sound signal


Delayed start

yes, after 12 hours

Power cord length

0.8 m


235 × 245 × 85 mm

Net weight

1.5 kg ± 3%




12 months





the black

Overheat protection


Ready-to-work indicator

there is

Heating indicator

there is

Auto power off

yes, after 3 hours

Removable oil / fat collection tray

there is

Power indicator

there is

Cooking time adjustment




Number of sets of removable panels


Removable panels material


Covering removable panels


Panels included

Grill panel for REDMOND multi-baker (grill dish) RAMB-03



The size of one panel

250 × 132 × 9 mm

Power switch